Exclusive Wedding Day Tips

We love tips and if you have any you’d like to share with future couples please email jay at jaygrubb@fotojax.com.

Candid Moments Mean the Most

Enjoy your day, each other, and your photos will come out naturally beautiful. We love to shoot candidly mostly and really encourage people to ignore us as much as possible except for formals or key photos/video. We may guide or make small suggestions throughout the day to face certain directions to help with lighting and then let you continue living in the moment. Look at each other as much as possible all day. Holding hands and being together as much as possible always works. 

A Great Motto to Remember

Be a guest at your own wedding! 

Sit back, relax, have fun with your family and friends. Its a day of celebration!

Photographer & Videographer Arrival

All rooms should be clear of any debris or items you don’t want filmed or photographed prior to our arrival. No one wants photos of a red solo cup, luggage or random bags and plastic from all the new items that were purchased. We really can’t start till it’s tidy, so please assign this to a bridesmaids or groomsmen. Luggage and Cords can be hidden in bathrooms, closets, and even done beds. 

For the Bride

Please Introduce us to everyone upon arrival. We want to know whose closest to you. 

Decide who you’d like to lace, zip, or button you up when getting into the dress. How about help with the shoes?

Get ready facing a window if possible…Huge tip!!!! Let your hair and make up artist know. Important!!!

Dresses should be ready on hangers, all tags & bags removed, family heirlooms, letters, shoes, and small details should be presented and gathered together prior to our arrival if you’d like them captured.(bridesmaids help ……hint hint)

Hair and makeup almost always takes longer than anticipated. Starting early & having buffer times help. Be sure to partner with your hair and makeup artist for your realistic expectations.

For the Groom

Please Introduce us to everyone upon arrival. We want to know whose closest to you. 

Watch a “putting on a tie” YouTube video and become a pro before the wedding day. 

If you have a pocket square find out what style fold you should have. 

Have your jackets/tux ready out of the bag upon arrival. Hide the clear or black plastic bags. 

Keep the room clean if possible and hide unessential items. 

Remove objects from pockets(keys, wallets, etc) if possible give them to a loved one. 

Let us know on arrival if you have a letter or a gift. 


We generally enjoy capturing ring photos during receptions as their is often down time like eating, party dancing, or mingling. Thsi allows us more time for cooler creative shots with out the earlier part of the days time restrictions.

Family Photo Formals

Family members that should be present for family photo formals should be notified individually prior to the wedding day and informed of the time allotted on your timeline. We recommend to just include immediate family or else you will need to add additional time to account for large families including aunts, uncles, their children, spouses. 

We have a brilliant workflow for getting a lot of photos in a small amount of time but it’s essential everyone is present and informed so we can verbally inform them all at once how we are going to do family photos.

Note: Detailed Shot lists with names take a lot longer and require either a 2nd photographer or your coordinator. You are welcome to provide one or a few special requests but is not required with our workflow. A few photo requests can be placed on the Wedding Planning Questionnaire which I keep with your timeline on the big day. Family members usually are bored with shot lists too and my technique is fun!

Huge Tip: Keep buffer times in your timeline to account for people running late or other variables that may happen. If someone is not present, we will continue and if possible meetup with them during the reception. 

For the Gentlemen-Please remove all items from pants and pockets(except wedding rings) during ceremony and formals. This includes smartphones. Cluttered pockets in a photo can not be edited.

Most couples and parents love photos with out sunglasses on unless its a planned shot with sunglasses. Let those know, if necessary.


At the beginning of the ceremony, request the Officant/Priest/Pastor/Father to politely make a brief announcement be for guests to be “unplugged”(No cameras but the photogs/videographers). Signs are great but are seldom remembered…especially for that distant aunt or uncle.

Don’t look at the ground while walking to and from the alter/arbor/stand especially on the beach or grassy venues. 

Look at each other and hold hands if possible. 


Bounty and garter tosses- let us put you in the best position based on lighting and composition.

First Dances- try to at least rotate on the dance floor if you do not have a choreographed dance. This allows your guests to have multiple views as well as our team. 


If you have super large bouquets or vases on your table during a toast we can’t see you… neither can your guests-try to stand or relocate if possible during this time. 

Vendor Meals

Should a vendor meal be included(see contract) please encourage your caterer to have it served when you are eating so when you’re finished we are finished as well. This helps us can capture candid moments while you mingle. If we are served after guests then the next major event may transpire and we don’t want to miss it! 

Uplighting-If your DJ or vendor has uplighting….get it! 

Video(If Included)

The Videographer requires 15 minutes to be able to setup just before the ceremony starts. 

A lav mic(tiny microphone that records audio) is placed on the groom about 5-15 minutes before the ceremony. Please keep this in mind. Important!

The Videographer requires 7-10 minutes to be able to setup just before the reception starts. 

Letter & Vow Readings/Getting Ready Audio

We love it when a bride or groom read a love letter or vows to us privately on camera, as it truly shows some insight to your relationship & makes for great video and photos. If you write your own vows or wrote a letter and please schedule a time early in the day to ready it to us aloud. It makes wonders for story telling!!!! Important!!! Recommended: Readings need to be in a quiet area with little to no one else talking. 

Hotels, Cabins, Suites, & Room Names

Please text your room number or room name as soon as you check in(if applicable) or know its location. We really need to know where to go and don’t want to waste your coverage time finding the room.

Hope all these tips help you on your day. Looking forward to the big day!

 See you soon-Jay