Having a photographer and videographer who exclusively work together creates an amazing experience for couples. We can anticipate what each is thinking, move when we know we might be in each other shots, and creatively think together to come up some amazing shots. Additionally, you, as a couple, are getting the benefit of saving an amazing amount of time by just having one vendor to communicate with, paperwork, and keep track of. Huge PLUS!

About the Silver Packages

The Silver Photo & Video Package focuses on quality rather than quantity of photos and video. We focus more on each shot in the moment candidly or assist with better lighting, posture, and other advanced techniques I’ve learned from shooting 400+ weddings.

Assisting You All Day

Whether you’re a natural or feel awkward in front of a lens, I personally help you all day stay comfortable and focus on what really matters-your partner, family and friends. I’ll give you tips on what to do if you ask or make suggestions when needed. Read my reviews on the various review sites to note just take my word for it.


The total count of photos culled is usually around 700 rather than the 1200-2000 photos delivered with the other 8 hour packages. The total amount of video is usually 350-500 GB of storage(that’s a lot) which is equivalent to about 500 clips. Keep in mind every wedding is unique and we can never give an exact amount.


Video clips are taken through out the entire 8 hours you have scheduled us to shoot so if you’d like us to capture getting ready moments we will do so accordingly to your timeline and we work for the 8 hours you designate. Granted you may have us travel between rooms, locations, have downtime, eating, and the occasional rest room break(we are human) which we would not be capturing. No one usually want to see people eating food. Lol

Note: there are full recordings from multiple cameras of the ceremony, toasts, dances and other key elements of the day in addition to the creative shots we take.


We have fantastic Rode Pro mics added to our cameras but also a Lav Mic & Audio Recorder is placed on the groom during the ceremony for superb audio capture and an another placed with DJ during the reception for a full recording of music, toasts, announcements and more. We get to use this superb audio for voiceovers during editing.


We also film with editing in mind for the highlights film so periodically I gently encourage positioning and fun moments that help the videographer (I too am a videographer) tell your story. We can capture private vow or letter readings too. All raw video footage from the day is placed on a hard drive and when the edited highlights film is ready it is shipped to you. Their also is an online dvd where like your photo online gallery, you’ll be able to watch and share your video as well as download it. Note: we generally edit the video after the photo process described below.


For photos, I immediately backup the photos and cull them down to about 700 removing duplicates, blinking eyes, and other undesirable images.  I load a proof preview of those 700(estimate) photos to an online gallery and email you a password and link. You’ll login to the online gallery where you’ll see all the photos in a beautiful collage form. Each photo is watermarked for your and my protection.  You and your fiancée will choose your favorite 200 photos for me to retouch. If you would like more than the 200 retouched the extra ones are $35 each or you can get the special offer I present to you via email after the wedding for all remaining photos. Each special offer is different depending on the time of work, quantity of photos, and other factors. 


Once you’re done selecting your favorite photos you will send an email stating something like “Hi Jay. We are done choosing our favorites”. I then schedule myself to edit/retouch those particular photos by straightening, cropping, color correcting, or adding my special retouch techniques to each photo individually. When finished I upload the retouched version to the online gallery and include a download pin for you to download. When you download the photos the watermark is auto removed. I also give you a copy of the original jpeg as seen in the online gallery unretouched in case you like the cameras natural look. 

Downloading Photos

As clients you specifically can download the fav photos as many times needed to back up and store your photos to your hard drive, usb thumbdrive, or other storage device.  The emailed Download PIN does expire 7 days after you first use it. 


You have the option of requesting a guest password for the photo online gallery. You also have the option of limiting what the guests can view. You can either mark photos private using the tools in your online gallery, only provide access to the retouched versions or allow them to view all the photos. For video you can download a copy of the edited film from your online dvd and share on social media or provide the link and password to the online dvd itself. 

If you have any other questions how the Silver Photo or Video Packages work please email me directly at jaygrubb@fotojax.com.