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Online Gallery Questions

How do I choose my favorites?

We sent you an email with a link to your online gallery. Use your online gallery proofs to make your selections/favorites by simply clicking the Heart icon, entering your email, then continue choosing your favorites. You can deselect them as deemed necessary anytime before we begin editing them. Once you have selected your favorites, please notify us via text or email. Video Tutorial

What browsers does my online gallery support?

Your gallery is supported by most modern desktop and smartphone browsers. For downloading and managing your collections, use your desktop version of ChromeSafari, and Firefox which will work the best. We do not recommend Internet Explorer. Please also ensure that Cookies and JavaScript are both enabled for your browser. If not you may issues.

How can I share my gallery so I don't have upload so many photos to Facebook or online?

This is really cool. once we have uploaded your final images to your gallery, You can share with family and friends in just a few clicks. Simply click the Share Icon under the large Cover Photo in the top right hand corner. You will be able to share on Facebook, Email, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. You may also share just your Favorites through the Heart Icon.

I lost my password! Help!

No worries! We can help. Send an email to

How do I see which favorites I have already chosen?

You may view your favorited photos at any time simply by clicking on the Heart Icon at the top right corner. Next enter your email address that your Favorites list was created under. Video Tutorial

How do I download photos to my desktop?

Simply, click the Download icon in the upper right hand corner of the gallery. You will then be required to enter the Download Pin emailed to you. The images are prepared instantly & you may stay on the current page until they are ready. Once ready, you will receive an email and the current page will notify you as well.

The photo download is a zip file where you will need zip software installed on your computer. To find out more or download the recommended free software visit:

For Window Machines:

For Mac:

How to properly extract photos on a Mac(video tutorial)

How to properly extract photos on a PC/Windows(video tutorial)


Depending on your package, the quantity of images, and your connection speed, please give your computer time to download the files as they are large, beautiful full resolution images.

More support can be found at or here for a visual step by step tutorial

Can I download a photo individually?

Individual image downloads may be available depending on your package. Simply hover the mouse on the desktop over the photo and click the Download Arrow icon. On your mobile device press the Download Arrow icon and you will be instructed how to save the image.

How long will my gallery be online?

Many clients will have 90 days to enjoy their gallery for free. Wedding clients have one year! Its included in your package. Yes really!

If you would need an extension or a 1 year online gallery, please contact us directly.

Can I change my large Cover Photo? 

If you would like your Cover photo changed please email us with details about the image(description or image #) in your gallery. We will do this free of course.

Can I choose my favorites on my iPhone or Android device?

Yes. Your gallery is responsive, meaning the gallery automatically changes to your screen or browser window size. You don't even have to download an app. You may also save the gallery to your homepage on your mobile device. See our Journal page menu link for a quick tutorial.

I lost my PIN!

No worries. Simply email us and we will send you a new one.

Will a watermark show up on my photos I downloaded?

When you use the Download feature, High Resolution and Original photos will not have watermarks on it. This allows me to watermark your display photos while delivering digital files without any watermarks. On the other hand, Web Size downloads will be watermarked. This is also called a “social network” version. We recommend downloading the Original Size as a set first so you may have the best quality for future generations.

Collection Download with a PIN:

Web Size - Watermarked

High Resolution - No watermark

Original - No watermark

Individual Photo Download:

Web Size - Watermarked

High Resolution - No watermark

Can I download or copy my proofs?

No. Proofs are viewing purposes only placed online for direct clients to choose their images so we know which images to specifically edit and deliver. Copying of the images in any way is copyright infringement. They are not fully representative of the final image nor our work and often are low resolution.

The Photo Booth

Frequently asked questions about the photo booth are coming soon. We are doing complex algarmithic calculations to make this new feature. Wink.

Social Media

Can I tag Jay Grubb or Jay Grubb Photography on Facebook or Instagram?

Yes! Of course. We love social media and seeing our clients share their photos with friends and family makes us super happy. Be sure to like our FB page and friend us for specials and updates.





Ordering Prints, DVDs, & USB Thumb Drives

How do I order prints?

This is probably the coolest feature of your online gallery. We have already stored your final images for printing. What does this mean? You don't have to download, upload, or drive to a store! We already did the work for you. Just order the prints you need and they come directly to your address.

Instructions: Simply click on the image you wish to order a print of. A small Shopping Cart Icon will appear. Click the icon and a popup window like the one above appears with a variety of sizes and styles of prints. You may specify quantities, your shipping address, and more. Our system is automatic and most prints ship 24-48 hours! We are alerted when you place an order to ensure service. See an example and current print prices.

Are DVDs, Data Discs, or Usb Thumb Drives included? What are the prices?

We have replaced DVDs mostly with our online gallery featured service but often load data discs, DVDs, and USB Thumb Drives. The Online Gallery lets you receive photos faster, have access to them on any device, and can share them easier in a High Resolution Collage. If you or a guest would like to one of these physical storage devices of your event or session, let us know. Please visit our current pricing guide for prices.

Do I have to order prints?

No. This is factored into our pricing but we did a lot of work already so you can save time from uploading to a 3rd party or driving to a store. We offer all digital and combo digital/print packages that are may include prints. You can take your photos to a 3rd party or print them yourselves.

What is the quality of your prints?

Photographic Prints - We use Premium photographic prints on Lustre Paper printed on Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital Paper for an increased color gamut, excellent flesh reproduction, sharpness, and brilliant image quality. Lustre paper is a semi-gloss paper with vibrant colors and excellent for skin tones.

Canvas Prints - Hand-crafted canvases are designed to turn any photo into a beautiful piece of art. Printed on Fine Art Canvas with Semi-Gloss Laminate, these canvases measure 1 1/2in in depth, hand-made and come ready to hang.

Can my guests, family, clients, or friends order prints?

Of course! Simply share this helpful page and your gallery via email or social media. To share your gallery or a particular photo, simply click the Share Icon under the large Cover Photo in your gallery.

Can I edit or crop an image?

No. Every photograph is copyright protected. There should be no editing of a final image whatsoever including but not limited to cropping, coloring, removal of logo, filters added, or other editing revisions made. Of course, if this is something that is included in you're specific package or is requested, please contact us for further questions. Also many online photo tools autocrop images which is acceptable so long as it does not alter the image significantly or block a watermark if present.

Can I load my photos to social media or a website?

Of course. Just be sure to tag us, use the watermarked version, and or give Jay Grubb Photography credit for the image. We love a link to

What is a "water mark"? 

A watermark is the photographer or clients logo used to copyright protect an image or display an event name with pictures or text.

Will a watermark appear when I order physical prints?

Your prints will not have a watermark on it unless requested. When you order prints on a watermarked image, we send in the original largest size photo with no watermark to the printer.


Photography Terms

We understand this maybe the first time you've hired a pro photographer and there is all this weird lingo and jargon. We are updating the below list of terms monthly to help those wishing to learn more of the technical side of our favorite words and technologies. Have a question or a term you don't see here? Let us know!

What is a proof?

A proof is a sample of an image taken often in its raw form without editing or color correction. They are generally low resolution and may have a watermark on them to prevent sharing or copying. Use your online proofs to make your selections/favorites by simple clicking the heart icon, entering your email, then continue choosing your favorites.

What is the difference between web size, high resolution, and original images?

Web size images - To a photographer we consider these as low quality and you can rarely zoom in on them much less print. However for webpages to load fast they are used most commonly for the Internet. You will find these on Facebook, social sites, and similar media. Many of us see these hundreds of times per day without realizing it. Have you ever saved an image from Facebook and tried to print it? Not quite the quality you would expect. They often are in the KB size range(small).

High resolution images - Printable images that have the crisp, detailed look used as cover photos, large backgrounds, and generally the most popular. They are often in sizes ranging from 3 MB to 8 MB(medium).

Original size images - This is where a professional photographer shines. We often shoot photos as a “raw” file not “jpeg” like an iPhone or a simple point and shoot camera. Shooting "raw" allows our cameras to capture every detail of light so that we may edit them with the greatest accuracy and zoom in to the simplest of details. We convert raw photos into jpegs so you may view them.

They may used for simple 4x6 prints to large canvas sizes.

The file sizes range from 10 MB to 25 MB+ (huge). If you have 1000 of these images you would taking up about 30GB of storage on a memory card.

Your online gallery automatically resizes what you see on the screen as a web size image. Your final image downloads however come in original sizes. You can expect 100 images to take up between 1.1 GB to 2 GB of space on your hard drive.


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