Over the past three years, I personally have been experimenting with different DSLR cameras and lenses for various types of photo sessions and weddings to find out exactly what camera works best for most scenarios. Granted, I had to also ensure that the lenses, batteries, and accessories, all had to be interchangeable and useful for not just myself but my team when working events such as weddings.


Having spent hundreds if not thousands in rentals just to test gear, I have come to a decision going forward for the next three years(unless there is a update in new tech) in wedding photography, small differences and improvements just add up. Having owned my own lenses and cameras…in fact I own two of everything to ensure I always had a back up in case there was some sort of accident, manufactures defect, or some other unforeseen circumstance that comes with event photography.


Event and wedding photographers often work in challenging conditions such as moving outdoors rapidly…from the cool ac to high Florida humidity causing lens fog(it takes approx 4 minutes for a clouded lens/sensor to remove moisture by the way), dramatic lighting changes such as a beach setting to a very darkly lit reception. This camera’s ability that must withstand so many harsh constantly changing conditions, can go a long way in helping myself and the team capture amazing memories and moments. Each battery must withstand the long and constant drain an hour event requires, or at least have easy quick battery swapping. The camera has to be fast but reliable and consistent. It’s these specific details that are most important to me. But…

Comparing Other Cameras

Cool features make me giddy. While specs and detailed comparison will bore the non photog geek, I speak more on usability and key features.  The new Mark IV is now my personal preferred and used camera going forward and I look forward to the years to come. I’ll still keep my trusty 80d by my side as backup.  The Mark IV features outweighed popular camera’s like the Sony A7s II, Nikons 850, Canon 6d, and even the Canon Mark III. The Sonys mirrorless camera’s are also amazing especially the 6500 model as the price is amazing. But for photography purposes, swapping out batteries every 45 minutes to an hour just doesn’t work when you’re required to capture on the fly moments and carry a bag of gear near by. Nikon’s cameras are great and some of my favorite photogs use them but I still like the more natural look Canon portrays straight onto the memory card.

30 MP of Pure Sharpnes

A major feature of the camera is its upgrade in megapixels to 30MP from previous generations. Images are sharper, clearer, and larger than before.  Clients wanting canvas wall art of their best photos are going to lovvvvveeee this and I can’t wait to deliver the first canvas using the Mark IV.

4K Video-Future Proofing

There is now no doubt that video has once again changed…4K is the standard today going forward. While clients and consumers are upgrading their TV, XBOXs and PS4s to match the superb quality of the video resolution my clients while be ready. With the Mark IVs ability to shoot 4K video, my clients will now potentially get the opportunity to not only get an amazing 30MP photo resolution, but video clips in stunning 4K video. Imagine a bride getting ready and seconds after I capture this perfect hair photo, I can easily switch a setting for 4k video without the need for extra gear or even another team member in an already crammed room full of bags, purses, makeup, people, food, champagne glasses, decor, flowers, and gift bags. This feature alone sold me after using it at over 4 weddings during my testing.

Shhhh…don’t spoil the moment

Another feature I absolutely love about the Mark IV is that it is near silent and fast. Granted it is does not have a mirrorless camera’s absolute silence, but it’s silent mode feature compared to other similar or previous generation dslr models, allow me to remain discreet in cathedral church settings and toasts where echoes can be heard 150 feet away. The shutter still remains fast enough for me to capture that sweet glancing smile the bride steals from her soon to be husband.

More Features

More features packed into the Mark IV, I use include faster focusing, the weather striping(I am often in the rain), phenomenal video facial auto tracking, and fast shutter.

The fast shutter allows me to capture 7+ photos in 1 second to capture the perfect expression during keys moments and is a huge benefit. Although I may have to cull more(photogs term for eliminating unwanted photos) taking more time sifting through the extra photos taken, I have the opportunity to take that perfect expression and present it to my clients.

Low light improvements
This is a huge gain on the quality of images in dark receptions, poorly lit situations, and difficult scenarios where the opportunity to control lighting is not available. Improved ISO gives greater details with less noise allowing greater flexibility in the post production(editing) process.

Onsite Proofing and Viewing Images

Lastly, the touch screen on the Canon Mark IV is an amazing feature with its sharp bright screen. I can not only see accurately what I capture but easily can adjust settings quicker than manual models. Speed is important and every second counts. With smartphones having trained everyone on touch screens, I find it strange the feature only found itself to a high end camera recently and am grateful. Already familiar with gestures and the screen of the iPhone, Canon 70d and 80d, I feel right at home sliding photos on screen and able to pinch to zoom for focus checking. Bonus… when I have an opportunity to show clients some previews on camera, they too are able to easily navigate having used a smartphone. Previously you had to have the physical buttons pressed which required this award hand arc.The camera also includes wifi to transfer images to an iPad or MacBook Pro for onsite proofing and viewing.

Ohhh did I mention I get to use all my previous canon gear and batteries? Sweet!

Hope you enjoyed the read and a little insight for my photography going forward. To my upcoming currently booked clients….enjoy the free huge camera upgrade in quality and functionality.  No charge. A small thank you token for choosing us to capture your moments.