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By filling us this form we have a great overview of your day. We would still love to see your timeline, so that we can ask questions should we have one.

Wedding Planning Questionnaire

Contact Info

Please use both Last Names to "name" your wedding. Ex: Smith/Howard Wedding
Any physical products will be shipped to this address.
Wedding insurance is highly recommended.

Getting Ready

This can be a Hotel Name/Residence/Room Number/Suite Name or similar description.
This can be a Hotel Name/Residence/Room Number/Suite Name or similar description
Tip: Many dresses and suits come with plain plastic hangers
Tip: There are many new products that have tags, family with luggage, and random items you may not wish to have captured and recommend hiding them in bathrooms, closets, etc..

First Look

Taking a sneak peak of your fiancee before the ceremony is a romantic and popular way to experience and save time during a wedding day.
Please put this special moment in your timeline. First looks take an estimated 15 minutes.
Please be very specific

The Ceremony

An "Unplugged" ceremony refers to an announcement informing guests should refrain from taking photos during this very special time and enjoy the moment or something similar. Going "Unplugged" allows photographers and videographers to be unhindered by iPads/Smart Phones, Cameras, in the air or aisle.
Important for the videography team

Family Formals

Tip: Communicating with those you wish in your formals before the wedding day is essential for a smooth and quick formal session.
Many couples today choose to capture their immediate family for example-sister(s), brother(s), Mother(s), Father(s), Grandparent(s), and children of bride or groom for family formals due to time restraints and have more time alone as a couple with the photographer. Please give ample additional time between the ceremony and reception, should you wish large group shots with Aunt(s), Uncle(s), their spouse & children, and cousins. Tip: The photographer can follow you as you interact with guests later at the reception to capture these important people as well. Be sure to communicate your vision below.

Couple's Formals

Scheduling A Minimum of 15 Minutes with the videographer is highly recommended for creative story telling.

Cocktail Hour (copy)

The Reception

We use this info to estimate team breaks and length of time before next item at your event.
It takes about 10-15 minutes for coordinators to organize guests for exits(longer if there is heavy drinking). Please keep this in mind when you are scheduling your last dance for your photography/videography package. See contract for longer coverage if needed.


Adding a buffer time for traffic is important for your day if event locations require travel. You may also wish to account for the time it takes to walk and or load items into a vehicle.

Photo Booth

Upload Your Logo for the Photo Booth. 5 MB Limit. Please give time to upload your photo when submitting the form.

Online Gallery

These questions help us custom taylor your online gallery.
Ex: Jennifer & John, John & Jennifer, Jen & John, et..

For the Videographer

These questions help the videographer(s) prepare for your day.

Vendor Contact Info

Help us contact out your vendors if needed.
This information is used for physical media delivery of photos and or video on USB Thumb Drives or External Hard Drives.